Using the Combined Javascript File

TinyMCE Hammer provides a single javascript file that combines all the following:

  • TinyMCE library
  • Language files (defaults to English)
  • Plugin files (defaults to paste)
  • Theme files (defaults to advanced)
  • Plugin and theme language files (for all requested languages)

Combined, Not Compressed

TinyMCE Hammer combines all of its js files into one, but it does not gzip them. You should use mod_deflate (or whatever your webserver provides) to compress the combined file.

Using the Combined File and Nothing Else

If you are handy with javascript and would like to only use the combined TinyMCE library you are in luck. A named route is provided to the combined file:

Named Route
Helper Methods
Final path

If you wanted to load TinyMCE library on every page you might do something like the following example. Just keep in mind, this will load TinyMCE but will not initialize any editors, that would have to be done with Javascript in a separate step.

    <title>Sample Page</title>
    <%= javascript_include_tag(tinymce_hammer_js_path) %>